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Welcome back to FSR for another design, we're glad to see you again!  Please take a look at the information below as the program details may have changed since you last had a design completed.  If you have any other questions, please let us know through the contact form or email us at

For a new design, there are two small fees.  The first is a $10 fee per design to be part of the program, 100% of this $10 goes towards an annual sponsorship award at the end of the year.  One lucky Partner will be awarded the FSR Sponsorship.

The other fee is the art fee.  You can bring your own for no additional cost, but we will need documented approval to use someone else's art. 

If we are going to do your art, single vehicle designs start at $75, additional angles of the vehicle or additional vehicles or detailed customization could be an additional fee.  We can get started with only the program fee today, or you can pay the full amount up front. 

We pay a sponsorship cut of 20% of all your custom merch orders, with the deferred payment we just deduct it from that until you have it covered. When you’re ready to move forward here's what we need from you: 

  1. We prefer to work with your vector wrap file if you have one, if not,
  2. Some high quality pictures of your car.
  3. If you want sponsor logos and you haven't submitted a vector file, please include transparent png files of the logos, or clear pictures of each of the logos you want included.  There may be an additional fee if we have to redraw them.
  4. Any requirements you have for the design. If you don’t have many, that's OK, we'll let our art team do what they do best.  You can see our typical designs by visting our Collection Page.
  5. If you have a design request with 4 or more vehicles or it's highly detailed or customized, please select the custom option below for a custom quote.

The design phase typically takes a couple weeks once submitted. You will receive a proof and have a chance at making some minor revisions before we publish your shop page. Once we have your design set, it will be loaded to the shop and you just direct traffic there. We will also send you an invite to our affiliate portal where you can see your sales, track your payout and securely enter in your payment information.

Again, thanks for checking us out. We look forward to working with you.

***I understand that by submitting the files below and completing the checkout process that I have read and ackowledge the design requirements and agree to allow Five Star Racewear LLC to use my name, image and likeness to create custom apparel and other merchandise for sale on their website in exchange for consideration that may change at any time.  I further understand that at any time either FSR or I can end the relationship and any monies unpaid at the time may be forfeited.***