Customizer Instructions

Be Aware of Print Areas

A product’s print area includes the part(s) of the clothing or accessory that can be printed on. In the Design Tool, you’ll see a square that’s either black or white - that’s the print area. Designs and text can only be placed inside those.  The first print area is included in the base price, there will be an additional cost for additional print areas.

If the design frame is red, that means the design cannot be printed. Drag it into the print area, and the frame will turn green. That means you’re successful!

To help you hit the center, you’ll see an aid line when your design hits the proper spot. For front and back of shirts and hoodies, the general rule of thumb is to place approximatley 1 inch from the top of the print area.  If placing something on the left or right chest, make sure the design doesn’t get too close to the armpit. A third of the width is a fair measure for placement.

Design frame is red: Design cannot be printed. Drag it into the print area.

If the design frame is green, you’re good to go!


Use Contrasting Design + Product Colors

A dark design on a dark product will not come out great, even if it may look okay on your monitor. The same is true for bright designs on bright products, as well as any other color combinations that are too similar. Choose a contrasting color and product combination to assure that your products come out top-notch.

Product and design colors don’t offer enough contrast.



Adjust Design Size for Product Size

Our product image in the Design Tool shows you a standard size (i.e. M). Choose your design size in relation to the standard size. If a customer is eyeing a different size, the design won’t automatically be adjusted to the product.


Specifically, if you’re preparing a product with a huge printing area, you should make sure that the design doesn’t look too small. You’ll want to make the design a bit larger on products like aprons, blankets, or pillows to achieve optimal results.


Beware of Zippers or Seams

We can’t print on the seams or zippers. Never put your design, photos, and text in these areas. It may be possible to create a product this way in the design tool, but we won’t be able to process and print the order.